Face protection in style. Don’t leave your face unprotected everytime you ride! Our facewear products from top brands KTM, Macna and ZANheadgear will not only protect your face from the harsh natural elements but also allow you to express your unique biker style! We have a wide selection of motorcycle face gear including all-rounders, neck tubes, neodannas and neoprene half-face masks to suit the preferences of every bike rider in town.

Cozy and comfortable. Whether you’re riding along a dusty road in the summer or stuck in traffic on a chilly night, our facewear products have your comfort covered! Experience 100% comfort from our facewear made of 100% cotton, polyester or microfiber without elastane. Our water-resistant masks made of stretchable neoprene will keep you warm and dry. We also have facewear made from breathable, moisture-wicking material, as well as facewear with nylon trim and without seams for your enhanced comfort.

Simply convenient. We have facewear products that are machine wash safe for your easier cleaning. Some even have a super fast drying quality so you won’t need to wait for days before you can wear them again!

Super functional. Take your pick from our facewear products offering reversible designs, thermo-regulating capabilities, velcro closures to compliment your goggles, tails for neck protection from the sun and excellent wind resistance. We even have facewear that you can wear in 6 different ways!

Let your personal style shine through. While you’re protecting your face, you might as well have fun with it! Our facewear products come in classic and bright colours as well as unique patterns to match every style! Classic black, camouflage and paisley prints, and skull face are just some of the designs you can choose from. Both men and women riders are guaranteed to find the facewear that matches their personal style from our selection!