Road Waterproof

Rainproof your feet. Nobody likes the feeling of wet feet while driving a motorcycle. Not only is it very uncomfortable, it is extremely dangerous too. Our waterproof motorcycle boots from Alpinestars, Forma and TCX will protect your feet from a sudden downpour or wet weather.

Your comfort guaranteed, no matter the weather. Our boots ensure your consistently high level of comfort, rain or shine. Experience the benefit and convenience of wearing shoes made with DRYTEX®, soft polymer padding with memory foam and anatomically-designed Lycra® insole with our boots.

Protection from rain and impact. Our waterproof motorbike boots provide you with an outstanding level of protection from rain and injury caused by impact. Our Alpine Stars and Forma have CE certifications while our TCX boots are packed with reinforcements for your ankle, heel and toe.

High quality materials that last. Our extremely durable motorbike boots are proven to weather any storm, for many, many years! Only the strongest materials in shoe making were used to make our boots, including durable rubber sole, leather, TPU and waterproof membrane.

Style with function. Our boots protect you from the natural elements and from the risk of looking unfashionable. Whether you are looking for boots with a casual look, modern street style or the highly popular lace up feature, we have it!