Off Road

Tackle rough terrain with confidence. No matter where your off road adventure takes you, our selection of top quality MX / Off Road motorcycle gloves have your hands covered. While each of our gloves from Five Advanced Gloves, Fist, KTM, O’Neal and Thor have something unique to offer, their high levels of comfort, performance and protection tie them all together.

Highly comfortable. Every pair of gloves we have are designed to keep you comfortable throughout the roughest and toughest off road conditions. Fist uses a lightweight, moisture wicking material. Five minimises the risk of developing blisters on your thumb. KTM provides a superior fit with the help of its Lycra® cuffs and finger sidewalls. O’Neal features an ergonomic pad and stitching on the palm area. And last but not the least, Thor delivers better airflow through its diamond mesh Q-span construction.

Extremely durable and functional. Our gloves are built to last because of the high quality raw materials used in their construction. Fist incorporated Clarino, one of the most durable, man-made types of leather. KTM utilised a hardwearing microfiber fabric while O’Neal employed long lasting and durable materials. Our FIST gloves are also designed for the modern riders who need to make a quick call or message – the index finger and thumb were designed for effective touch screen use.

Great performance. Let our gloves help you deliver your best MX performance yet! We offer gloves that ensure your maximum grip even in the wettest conditions, thanks to a silicone print on its fingers and palms. We also have gloves that effectively block dirt from getting into your hands, and some gloves that offer improved flexibility with its 4-way elastane knuckle.

Dependable protection. Keep your worries at bay everytime you wear our gloves. We have gloves that effectively minimise your shock from a fall through a gel padding, while some include a hidden knuckle protector for excellent impact protection.

Unique styles. Choose from our gloves with eye-catching designs, bright contrasting colours or bold, non-fade graphics to express your unique personality throughout your off road adventure.