Protect your knees and shins. Your knees and shins are among the most critical body parts at risk for injuries during a crash, and rightfully deserve maximum protection. Use any of our knee pads and shin guards from leading brands including EVS to experience superior protection and peace of mind every time you ride.

Safeguard your knees. Half of injured riders end up with wounded knees, ranging from soft tissue and ligament damage, skin loss to dislocation. Our knee guards and protectors are the ideal armour for this critical body part so you can keep on riding with your knees intact! Check out our knee guards that offer maximum protection not just for your knees, but also your shin and patella! EVS’ Epic Knee Pad, in particular, is made using a superior knee brace technology, and features a floating patella system and full-flex pivoting hinge system for better coverage.

Shield your shins. Your lower leg is the part of your body with the highest risk for breakage in the event of a crash, with almost half of rider casualties found to suffer from lower leg injuries. Wearing our high-quality shin guards is one way you can protect yourself from a major fracture while prolonging the life of your lower leg.

Comfortable, user-friendly gear. Our knee and shin guards feature soft inner liners, adjustable straps and flexible frames for a more comfortable fit. Quick-release buckles allow for easier wear and removal.