Stickers & Kits

Stickers for a fun ride. Add more fun to your ride with our collection of motorcycle decals! Our high-quality stickers from brands including KTM and Suzuki allow you to express your changing moods and personal style in a more affordable manner.

Stick to your unique style. Choose from our selection of stickers to match your personal aesthetic taste. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist, elegant sticker in black and white or a loud graphic in rainbow colours, we have it! Projecting your unique personality to your motorcycle is easy with our stickers!

One, two, stick. Our stickers offer riders an easier way to decorate – and re-decorate – their motorcycle without the heavy expense! We have easy to use and remove stickers that keep your body paint intact, saving you time and money in the long run.

Easy, DIY upgrades. Decorating your bike is easy with our stickers – so easy, in fact, that you can do it on your own! Anytime you wish to upgrade the look.of your motorcycle, simply apply the stickers of your choice to the part of your motorcycle you wish to enhance.

If you’re in Brisbane, check out our cool stickers, motorcycle helmets, and other accessories in our showroom. Otherwise, you can purchase our items from our online store.