See the road ahead. Your eyes deserve as much protection as the rest of your body during your ride. After all, having poor eyesight drastically lowers your enjoyment of your ride while increasing your risk of running into an accident. Prevent these from happening with our motorcycle eyewear products from top quality brands including 100%, Bobster, Dragon, Fox Racing, Oakley, Scott, Spy, Thor, Ugly Fish, Von Zipper and Wiley X! Whether you are looking for goggles, replacement lens, tear-offs or glasses, you’re bound to find the product you are looking for from our wide eyewear selection!

Enjoy the view in utmost comfort. Nothing beats the view of the wide, open road and natural surroundings around you, but this beautiful view is difficult to enjoy if your eyes are stinging from sweat. Our innovative goggles with foam provide you maximum comfort by effectively managing and transporting moisture away from your face. We also have eyewear that feature air-channeling technology and slits on the frames for proper air circulation.

Keep out the fog. A cloudy vision is unacceptable, especially if you are riding in a motorcycle! That’s why we stock fog-free goggles and lenses to ensure your vision remains as clear as ever, no matter how foggy the weather. Choose from our goggles with anti-fog coated Lexan lens or lenses with NoFog™ technology so you can see better and stay safe throughout your ride.

High performance eyewear for enhanced visibility. Enjoy a wider field of vision and greater visual clarity with our eyewear featuring pre-curved polycarbonate lens, optically correct polycarbonate lens and large lenses. Any product you choose from our eyewear selection will give you increased visibility, day and night!

Protection from all angles. We have eyewear products that feature an innovative lock system that keeps the lens secured in the frame no matter what. Looking for an impact-resistant and shatterproof eyewear? In need of UV-resistant goggles? Want a flexible yet durable frame? We have them all! And if you want absolute eye protection, choose from our eyewear products that have been certified to European Standards and compliant to Australian Safety Standards.

Care for your eyes in style. Whether you like classic black or wildly colourful frames and straps, or whether you’re more of a clear, smoke grey or multi-coloured lens wearer, our wide variety of eyewear styles will give you enough options to express your individuality while caring for your eyes!