Brakes to keep you safe and sound. Never compromise your safety with our selection of motorbike brake parts, including brake covers and discs, brake caliper support, cylinder cover, front pads, rear pads and rotors. Available in a variety of brands including Acerbis, Can-Am and KTM, our brake parts are all manufactured from high quality materials for your guaranteed safety.

Superior safety. We have brake covers that are cleverly designed to keep debris such as small rocks and sticks from damaging or becoming tangled in your front rotor. Our brake pad kits for your front and rear wheels suit specific motorcycle models and are perfect for replacing your worn-out brake pads.

High-quality equipment for high performance. Engineered using the finest materials and cutting-edge designs, our brakes are guaranteed to perform so you can have peace of mind during your ride. You can rely on the durability of our brake parts made with high-grade aluminium and polypropylene. We also offer brake discs in extra-large sizes for greater brake power, as well as brake parts with low-rust and abrasion-resistant features for maximum braking performance.

Additional features. Check out our brake covers with efficient ventilation to keep your brake cool in all riding conditions. We also have brake pads that work equally well in hot/dry and cold/wet weather conditions, especially in rough, off-road terrain such as gravel, sand and the like.