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One of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, KTM has long been regarded as a powerhouse in the off-road motorbike market, particularly Enduro, Motocross and Supermoto. Bold, aggressive styling is a feature of all bikes produced at KTM, and this strong brand identity is present throughout their range of motorbikes, apparel, parts, accessories and riding gear.

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When adventure is in your DNA, there is an insatiable desire to explore and an incessant call of the wild that you must answer. Step out of your comfort zone and start living the life you were destined for. Be bold, be brave, be badass. Push past your limits. Make no room for excuses or delay; adventure waits for no one.

KTM is committed to empowering you to live life on the edge by creating extreme motorcycles that spark your senses and bring out the extraordinary in you. Show who you really are on any road or terrain. Let your authentic self shine amid challenges and crises for you are far greater than what stands in your way.

Let the performance of your ride be your drive, let it guide your purpose. Let it flow through your veins. When the time to race is upon you, there’s no stopping the rush of blood and the surge of adrenaline that activate your impulses. Embrace this moment. Don’t fight it. It signals that you are READY TO RACE. Then feel the mighty engine roar between your legs. That’s it. You’re on your way to the finish line.

Guaranteed thrills with every KTM bike

Whether you’re a die-hard motocross racer with a thirst for speed, an urban commuter who thrives in a fast-paced city or a keen outdoor adventurer who gets high on mountain air, there’s a KTM bike that will complement your ride-or-die lifestyle.

Off road Dirt Bikes

KTM’s off road motorbikes are designed for the hardcore Enduro or Motocross fanatics as well as those who get a kick out of dirt road adventures. They are notorious for being some of the best dirt bikes in the world, exhibiting stellar performance in races and winning coveted titles in international competitions. As a matter of fact, these off road bikes have established KTM as the leading motorcycle brand in this category.

Built for speed and agility on the dirtiest of roads, these high-performance mud monsters have a lightweight construction that makes them nimble and easy to manoeuvre for performing high jumps and death-defying motocross stunts.

On the safety aspect, KTM teamed up with Brembo for its clutch and braking systems to give you the courage to go all out with your bike. Brembo is a world-renowned manufacturer of superior bike parts that deliver outstanding performance in racing. Fitted with start and stop mechanisms that have great braking power and excellent resistance to high temperatures, KTM off road bikes give you the confidence to ride it out in the roughest of roads.

When it comes to cross-country riding, KTM’s off road bikes also dominate the fields and forests to bring you to where the adventure calls. Be it through unfamiliar territories or across unforgiving terrain, these bikes are guaranteed to give you the most exhilarating ride of your life, yet.


Street bikes

Take a break from the wild side. For everyday riding on highways, streets and other paved paths, KTM has got you covered with its collection of highly functional street motorcycles that still have that attitude you’ve come to expect from a KTM bike.

KTM street bikes make commuting to work or traveling short distances around town an adventure in itself. The moment you get on your bike and hear the engine rumble, you just know you’re off for another exciting ride. KTM street motorcycles have low end torque that makes them more rapid and responsive so you can weave through traffic jams and cut corners in style, adding to the thrill of your city escapades.

One more reason these street stunners are perfect for zooming through boulevards and city strips is their anti-lock braking system (ABS). This safety mechanism is developed for better road traction so you can zip through streets at speeds that will make heads turn. Be the talk of the town and speed up or wind down without skidding on concrete or cramping your style with your KTM street bike.


Adventure bikes

Satisfy your appetite for exploring the great outdoors or make your way through concrete jungles with KTM’s adventure motorbikes.

Designed to take on extreme riding conditions, these robust road ravagers will get your heartbeat racing as you tear through the trails at full throttle. Push yourself to the limit, live life on the edge. KTM adventure bikes are equipped with advanced riding mechanisms and safety technology like ABS, cruise control, and traction control so you can unleash your fierce spirit and face the open road fearlessly.

Furnished with a pillion, these adventure motorcycles allow you to take a fellow daredevil along for the ride. Also fitted with provisions for installing a luggage carrier, these bikes let you bring all the outdoor gear you’ll need to make your trip a blast.

KTM adventure bikes put the “fun” in function. They’re not only made for exploring the wilderness; they’re also great for discovering the ins and outs of urban jungles. With the grit and tenacity of an off road motorcycle and the sophistication and practicality of a naked street bike combined, there’s no telling what adventures are waiting for you to explore and where. There’s only one way to find out.


Power your ride

KTM’s power parts are made from the strongest materials so you can slug it out in the dirt or rev it up in the city.

Power Parts Off Road: Victory in every part

KTM off road power parts are engineered to give you the edge over your opponents. It doesn’t matter whether you’re racing on soft or hard natural terrain; these parts have been tested against strict standards and improved through meticulous R&D, so you can be more confident about winning in every race.

Power Parts Street: Form meets function

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your level of comfort, amp up the performance of your motorcycle or simply jazz up your bike, these KTM street power parts will do them all and transform your ride. Designed in collaboration with manufacturing experts of top-notch aftermarket motorcycle parts, these spares and add-ons guarantee that any replacements you install to pimp your bike are as good as the original.

Off Road Parts Kits: Strength in solid sets

They say the strength of a chain depends on its weakest link. In an off road competition, the quality of the smallest part of your KTM dirt bike could spell your victory or defeat. Don’t take any chances and make sure each and every part of your KTM is made with an original, high-quality KTM off road power part. Get the KTM Off Road Parts Kit you need and watch your opponents eat your dust.

Street Parts Kits: Tried and true tools

Upgrading your KTM street motorcycle is a breeze when you’ve got the right tools and parts. Make your naked road bike more powerful and appealing with the KTM Street Parts Kits and hold your very own bike show on any street and road in the city.

Power Wear: Show off your READY TO RACE attitude

If you want to be a motocross rider, you’ve got to look the part. KTM has designed their range of Power Wear that’ll not only tell everyone that you mean business, but will also provide you with head-to-toe protection. KTM’s line of power wear includes armour, apparel and accessories for kids of all ages, including bags and toys for the big boys.

KTM has a wide range of Power Wear also includes collector’s items that are must-haves for any hardcore KTM fan. They’ve got keychains, bottle-openers, bags, caps, umbrellas and all sorts of tools and trinkets to keep your KTM pride alive and ignite the same kind of passion in others.

You may live and breathe excitement, but it’s also nice to slow down every once in a while. Relax and unwind in KTM’s high-quality, comfortable casual wear so you can recharge for your next electrifying adventure.

In fact, the KTM apparel is not just for you, but for every single member of your household so you can get your entire crew gunning for you.



The daily grind can be limiting, especially when you have a deep-seated desire for adventure. KTM is committed to developing high-performance motorcycles, exceptionally built parts and well-designed products for thrill-seekers like you with an innate passion to live life liberated.

When the opportunity to ride is at your door, it doesn’t even have to knock; you’re already out there to grab it. So, the question is not whether you’re READY TO RACE, but how far you can go.

You were born READY TO RACE. Adventure is your birthright. Claim it. Live it. Never look back. This is the life you were meant to live.

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