Secure your stuff during your ride. Our selection of high-quality luggage will keep all your essentials – including your phone, powerbank, navigation device, wallet, water and rain wear – dry and safe, even in the most difficult road conditions and unpredictable weather! Choose from our range of luggage products including cargo liners, side cases, soft luggage for front and rear cargo, top cases, mounting hardware, carrier plates and frames to protect your stuff from the harsh elements you’ll encounter throughout your ride.

All-weather, all-day-and-night luggage. Take your pick from our luggage products that can hold your essentials from day to night, in sunny, rainy or any weather in between! Check out our side cases that feature night safety reflectives and tank bags with edging made from reflective material. We also have products with built-in waterproof covers, and bags that are completely waterproof so any sudden downpour won’t catch you unprepared!

Big in size and functionality. Our roomy luggage were designed not just to hold your essentials (plus much more stuff!), but also to make your journeys more convenient with their high functionality! We have saddle bags that can expand up to 66 litres per set, tank bags with pockets for your GPS and iPod or iPhone and other luggage with adjustable shoulder carry straps and multiple external storage pockets.

Durable bags from top brands. We only stock luggage from the leading brands in the world including Can-Am, KTM, GIVI, MotoDry and Suzuki, so you can depend on our bags to be your faithful companion for many rides and years! We offer saddle bags with anti-scratch side grip panels, soft luggage bags made of EVA laminated fabric and tank bags with abrasion-resistant edging. If you want luggage that offers the ultimate protection, check out our waterproof top case manufactured from high-strength aluminium, ideal for the dirtiest tracks and your most intense off-road riding adventures.

Magnetising design. Luggage are accessories that can make or break your look, or your ride, so make sure you choose the one that matches your style and needs! We have soft and lightweight bags that feature an aerodynamic, sporty design, as well as smart-looking bags with super strong rare earth magnets for additional bag closure strength.