Road - Short Cuff

Comfortable and protected hands. Pamper and protect your hands while you’re out on the road with our super comfortable and functional short cuff gloves from Alpinestars, Dainese, DriRider, Ducati, Five Advanced Gloves and MotoDry.

Optimum comfort backed by leading edge fabrics. Choose from our gloves made with Airprene, 4-Way Spandex™, Flex Tenax® inserts and TRICOT lining, among other features, and indulge your hands in the highest level of comfort.

Durability from high quality materials. Only premium materials including full grain cow leather and goatskin, aniline leather and siliconed Clarino® were utilised to make our gloves tough and long-lasting.

Fashioned to meet modern needs. Our ergonomic gloves were engineered to enhance your convenience and enjoyment throughout your ride. We have gloves that come with a fingerless design perfect for warm seasons, lightweight silicone on fingertips for your improved grip, pre-curved finger construction to lessen your riding fatigue and TouchScreen™ system so you can use your touch screen gadgets without removing your gloves off!

Protection where it matters. Your palm, thumb and little finger have the greatest risk for injury during a collision because they are the first points of impact. Wearing our gloves with protective carbon palm slider shell, Clarino® palm padding, shock absorbing EVA foam thumb inserts and wrist pad is an excellent way to protect your hands, particularly the high-risk areas.