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All the motorbike parts you need to maintain & upgrade your ride. Maintaining a motorcycle means ensuring that you have all the right parts, not only to keep it running, but to keep it running in optimal condition. Knowing what parts you need to keep an eye on will ensure that you can replace them when the time comes.

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We also have various parts finders from KTM, BRP or Suzuki, and we also offer servicing & repair at our workshop in Underwood, QLD if needed.

Brakes. Your brake pads and disks need to be inspected on a regular basis because they wear down over time. Your pads need to have a sufficient amount of padding on them to ensure they work appropriately – if this ever becomes thinner than 2mm, they need to be replaced immediately.

Tyres. Before every ride, quickly inspect your motorcycle tyres for cuts, punctures and cracks, as well as for signs of under-inflation (or over-inflation, for that matter). Your tread should be inspected regularly, but keep in mind that after 5 years, you’ll want to replace your tyres whether your tread is still acceptable or not. Also check the overall condition of your motorbike wheels, including mags, valve caps, rims and other accessories, to make sure all the parts are roadworthy.

Your Battery. The battery is an integral part of the motorcycle and while most batteries are maintenance-free, you’ll still want to check the electrolyte levels every now and again. It’s usually best to do this while you’re getting your oil change. Your battery should last about 2 years – after this, you’ll likely want to have it replaced.

Chains, Belts and Drive Shafts. While the motorcycle drive chains, belts and drive shafts are some of the sturdiest parts of a motorcycle, they generally need to be changed between 25,000 and 50,000 kilometres. They will also require regular checks to ensure that the chains aren’t too slack and that they are properly oiled.

These are only a few of the motorcycle parts that need to be checked on a regular basis, but they will ensure that you are safe for many more kilometres to come, so be sure to put in the time to properly maintain your ride.