Take care of your back. You won’t enjoy your ride if you are suffering from back injury, so watch after your back with our back protectors! We offer a variety of back protectors for both men and women, including inserts and strap-on armour from Alpinestars, Dainese and Spidi.

Breathable comfort. We have back protectors with innovative ventilation features such as an airflow channel system, breathable viscoelastic memory foam and strategically-placed perforations for your maximum comfort. You won’t feel a trickle of sweat on your back with these breathable protectors!

Very lightweight. Our protectors will protect your back and spine without feeling like a burden! We offer lightweight back protectors that ensure you will have a pleasant ride for hours.

Ergonomic design for improved comfort. Choose from our flexible back protectors designed to follow the curve of the human spine and the movement of your torso so you can stay comfortable throughout the twists and turns of your road adventure.

Your safety comes first. For your peace of mind and ultimate back protection, we offer back protectors with CE level 2 certifications and shock-absorbing raw materials that minimise the impact energy during a fall.