Hand Controls

You’re in good hands. Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics, comfort and protection in all your road adventures with our motorcycle hand controls! Browse through our collection of top-quality bar ends, bar mounts and clamps, brake levers, clutch levers, hand grips, motorbike handlebars, lever sets and reservoirs from leading brands of motorcycle parts including Can-Am, Ducati, KTM, ODI, Kuryakyn, Kwala, MCS, Oxford, Pazzo, ProGrip, ProTaper, Renthal and RHK.

Get an even better grip. We stock hand controls designed to reduce your grip fatigue, so you can better enjoy your ride! Choose from our aerodynamic and lightweight levers that offer you improved grip and triple density grips for maximum grip efficiency.

Superior comfort. Our comfortable and lightweight hand controls are ergonomically designed to make your rides more pleasurable. Check out our driver grips that offer your hands extra warmth during the cooler season! We also have adjustable levers and neoprene grip doughnuts to minimise the risk of blisters developing on your thumbs after long journeys.

All-around protection. Our articulated brake levers and flexible clutch levers are designed to fold away instead of breaking during impact, thereby reducing your risk for additional injuries. We also offer bar ends that protect your grip rubbers from additional damage in the event of a fall.

Robust construction. Take your pick from our brake fluid and clutch fluid reservoirs made of aluminium! We also offer CNC-machined, unbendable handlebar risers with special screw fastening and bar ends made from real carbon fibre material.

Have a free hand in styling your bike. We stock doughnut grips in different colours, elegant handlebars, classy reservoirs in red and black colours, and brake levers in black and silver to match your personal style!