Textile Jackets

Jackets for road champions. Our high quality textile jackets from Can-Am, DriRider, Ducati, KTM, Macna, Merlin, MotoDry and Spidi are made to protect all riders from discomfort, injuries and poor fashion, rain or shine, day or night. Browse through our selection of jackets for men and women, available in a range of sizes and styles.

Exceptional comfort. Experience superb comfort and a personalised fit with our motorcycle jackets featuring adjustable waist belts and multi-adjustable wrist openings. Beat the cold, heavy rain with our jackets featuring waterproof lining.

World-class protection. Our jackets offer peace of mind and protection when you need it the most. Some of our jackets are CE approved armour, others are designed with abrasion proof leather or high visibility fabric for an additional safety boost.

Optimal ventilation. Riding under the intense heat of the sun won’t be as agonising or suffocating if you are wearing our jackets made with fully ventilated mesh inner lining. We even have jackets that come with underarm ventilation so every part of your upper body will stay cool and fresh!

Practicality and versatility. Our versatile jackets can be worn regardless of the weather or time of day. We have jackets made with a removable thermal lining, so you can use them during the hot and cold seasons all year round. No need for you to invest in a new jacket for night-time riding only – just choose from our jackets with reflective panels to increase your visibility at night, particularly in dimly-lit roads.