Get ready for an electrifying ride. Listen to music, record, navigate & communicate safely during your ride with the help of our motorcycle electronic accessories! Our high-quality electronic products from top brands including Can-am, Garmin, KTM and Sena are guaranteed to increase your satisfaction in every road adventure and enhance your riding experience!

Convenient Bluetooth devices. Imagine cruising down the road with your favourite tunes playing through your comfortable Bluetooth headset. Skipping to the next track is easy – a simple touch of your Bluetooth handlebar remote is all that it would take to keep your ears happy all throughout our ride. Check out our Bluetooth devices that have been designed to make your rides more convenient and enjoyable!

Find your way in safety. We offer touchscreen navigation devices that have been designed for the use of gloved riders in mind. With a sunlight-readable, transflective display and hands-free calling features, this navigator will help you stay focused in finding your way on the road and boost your safety. We also stock accessories that protect your GPS devices from dust, rain and vibration and keep them secure..

Tyre checks. We have tyre pressure monitor sensors that are compatible with navigators so you can keep an eye on your tyre pressure. These sensors allow you to see your tyre pressure data on your navigator display while you are riding, providing you with another level of safety.

Set up your ride. If your motorbike isn’t fitted with audio, Bluetooth, GPS or recording equipment, it doesn’t mean you have to go without. Check out our practical electronic solutions designed to give you a more pleasurable ride.