Electrical must-haves for every motorcycle. Tap into the power of electricity to make your rides more convenient, enjoyable and safe! Our alarm systems and trackers, hour meters, power and side stand removal accessories are all designed for the satisfaction and well-being of every rider.

Know your hours. Our hour meters and accessories help you track your riding hours, which is critical for your bike’s timely maintenance, which leads to its sterling performance. Investing in our cost-effective hour meters is a sound decision that will give you long-term benefits!

Enjoy easier removal. To make your bike’s side stand easier to remove, we offer a side stand removal kit that is easy to use and highly effective. To dismantle your stand, simply leave the bracket on your bike and plug in the adapter for the side stand sensor.

Benefit from top-notch security. Our alarm systems and mounting kits will provide you ample protection against that all-too-common phenomenon known as motorcycle theft. Having one of these alarms on your bike is a proven way to have peace of mind, so never ride your motorcycle without it!

Power up whenever, wherever. Need to make a phone call but your smartphone just died? Relying on directions from Waze but your gadget is running low on battery? No worries! Our power outlet kits are made for these situations! These kits will save your life – or sanity – by providing you a source of power for your electronic gadgets or navigation system of choice.