Road - Full Face

Absolute protection on the road. Statistics show that full face helmets are the safest on the market, providing greater protection from traumatic brain injury than open faced designs while reducing the risk of death by 37%. Our full face road helmets from AGV, Airoh, Ducati, HJC, Kabuto, RXT, Shark and Shoei are fully capable of giving you the highest level of protection every time you’re on the road.

Maximum safety and protection. Not only do our full face helmets – such as RXT helmets – provide you with better protection than open faced helmets, they also come with additional features for your maximum safety. Our helmets with a retractable, UV-resistant sun visor offer eye protection, while those with quick release functions enable the life-saving process of faster helmet removal in case of an accident.

Completely comfortable. From anti-allergenic washable interiors, to an ultra wide eyeport that accommodates eyeglasses, to lightweight shells that make you forget you’re wearing a helmet at all, our helmets are packed with all the features you need for an enjoyable ride.

Enhanced vision and ventilation. Our helmets with Pinlock® ready visors and ventilation systems give you clearer vision and improved breathability, no matter how foggy and long your journey will be.

The right full face helmet for you. It may seem like full face helmets are the best option for anyone, but there is a proper way to select the right motorbike helmet for you. Your helmet should have a snug fit – your head should not be bouncing around within it, but it shouldn’t feel restricted either. It’s best to actually try on a helmet before deciding on a particular style to know what feels right for you.