Oils & Lubricants

Enjoy a smoother ride. Keep your bike running smoothly with our range of motorbike oils and lubricants. We stock a variety of oils for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines, as well as gearbox oils. We also offer a wide range of motorcycle brake fluids, motorcycle suspension fluids, coolants, and maintenance kits.

High-performing oils and lubricants. Your bike deserves the best, that’s why we only stock superior quality oils and lubricants from leading brands including Belray, Ecstar, Motorex and Motul. Take your pick from our solvent-free air filter cleaners to thoroughly clean your foam air filters, and fork and shock-absorber oils that deliver outstanding performance no matter the temperature while offering low-friction, anti-foaming and anti-corrosion protection. We also have hydraulic fluids that feature excellent age resistance, high seal compatibility and ideal viscosity levels at both high and low temperatures.

Load up on fluids for a safe ride. Choose from our world-class engine oils and coolants that offer high corrosion protection. We also have gear oils designed for optimal clutch performance and smooth gear changes. Our excellent brake fluids deliver superior braking performance – we even have brake fluids designed for motor racing that have an exceptionally high wet boiling temperature and extra protection from aeration!