Arai Helmets: Unrivaled Safety & Japanese Craftsmanship

Driven by a desire for a safe helmet for himself and his friends, a hatmaker and motorcycle enthusiast named Hirotake Arai founded Arai Helmets in 1926. Fifty years later, his son Mitch decided to make Arai the number one helmet maker in the world.

From its inception, Arai Helmets sought to provide the ultimate safety and protection for every motorcycle rider. For them, the way to be number one had nothing to do with generating the most sales or highest profits. The path they have chosen to be number one was to make the safest helmets in the world.

Chaser X

Vector 2 Helmet

VX-Pro 4 Helmet

Handmade to perfection

With this specific goal in mind, Arai helmets were designed with the most outstanding features for rider protection without compromising their comfort. Every Arai helmet is painstakingly made by hand and includes inner liners made from EPS, known for its compact, lightweight yet extremely strong impact absorption.

It wasn’t long before Arai Helmets dominated the Japanese market and eventually, the American market. Today, 43 years after Mitch dreamed of making his father’s company number one, Arai Helmets remain dedicated to producing the world’s safest motorcycle helmets with excellent Japanese craftsmanship, further solidifying their reputation as the number one helmet maker in the world.