Arai Helmets: Unrivaled Safety & Japanese Craftsmanship

Every feature and part that goes into an Arai helmet is designed to boost the safety of the person wearing it, from its innovative one-piece multi-density EPS liner, Super Fibre, AR mat, to the unique R75 shape of its shell. This powerful combination of superior materials, leading Japanese technology, and the skilled hands of their craftsmen and craftswomen result in world-class helmets that save lives. 

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The Arai Family

Handmade to perfection

Founder Hirotake Arai came from a family of hat makers, but his passion had always been in motorcycles. He was an avid motorcyclist who saw the need for helmets that fulfilled their purpose: protect the life of the rider. But there were no helmet makers, importers or helmet safety standards in Japan during that time, so he set out to be the first Japanese helmet manufacturer and pioneered the motorcycle helmet industry in his country.

Hirotake Arai didn’t start a helmet manufacturing business for his personal profit; he founded Arai because he wanted to give Japanese motorcyclists, including himself and his friends, the protection they deserve. Half a century after the company’s founding, his eldest son Michio decided he wouldn’t just continue running his father’s business and make it better, but make Arai “the number one helmet in the world.”

Like his father, Michio Arai is a motorcycle enthusiast who believes the life of every rider is priceless. This belief is also shared by every skilled craftsman and craftswoman who makes Arai helmets by hand to this day, and permeates their painstaking helmet manufacturing process. 

The company’s mission of protecting the lives of motorcycle riders has remained its motivation in almost a century of its existence. Today, Arai enjoys an enviable reputation as the maker of the safest motorcycle helmets in the world who relentlessly pursues perfection in making every helmet that bears its founder’s name. 


Chase your passion for speed and adventure with the Chaser-X. Whether you are on the racetrack, city streets or open road, this sports-touring helmet will give you the comfort and protection that you need in every ride. From its Facial Contour System that provides a snug fit to its Formula One-developed visor lock system, you can count on the Chaser-X to be a reliable companion in all your two-wheeled adventures. 70

Vector 2 Helmet

The Vector 2 proves that a lower priced helmet doesn’t necessarily compromise your safety. Great for beginner to seasoned riders on a budget, this mid-range full face helmet still offers the quality, comfort, and most of the safety features that premium Arai helmets have with its fibreglass shell and DOT, ECE and Snell certifications—for less. 

VX-PRO 4 Helmet

Designed to be the ultimate MX, enduro, and off road helmet, the VX-PRO 4 offers a perfect blend of comfort, performance and safety features to help you crush any off road competition. Stay sweat-free with its Dry-Cool® Liner, focused with its innovative peak, and worry-free with its ECE approval, Super Complex Laminate Construction (SCLC) outer shell, and Emergency Release System.