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HJC Helmets: Calibrated for Performance

HJC (for Hong Jin Crown) Helmets was founded in 1971 in South Korea.

For the past 48 years, the company has been committed to providing the highest quality helmets to motorcyclists and professional racers around the world.

Skilled workers make each HJC helmet by hand following a systemised process with more than 40 steps. Their flawless manual production, partnered with cutting edge technology and strict quality control, result in helmets that exceed their riders’ expectations.

The road to approval for any HJC helmet design is long and hard. Numerous evaluations and studies are conducted by their specialists, before it is tested in their very own, cutting edge, 177 horsepower wind tunnel. This rigorous process allows them to polish every helmet to perfection, offering riders an excellent helmet with reduced aerodynamic drag, improved ventilation, maximum stability and minimised noise and vibration.

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