Introducing the 2021 KTM Super Adventure S.

The most technical KTM Adventure model ever.

Coming to Australia from April 2021. Pricing to be released later.

Cutting edge evolution introduces redesigned, rider focused ergonomics with new technology and enhanced performance. A fierce power to weight ratio, advanced electronics and rider aids, plus handling and dedicated attention to travel versatility.


  • New fuel tank
  • New lower seat
  • New bodywork
  • Reworked chassis
  • Shorter frame
  • New sub-frame and longer swingarm
  • New generation SAT suspension technology with faster reactions and added adjustment option
  • Optimsed weight distribution with added agility and comfort
  • New generation electronics
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Reworked cornering traction control
  • More intuitive 7″ display
  • Redesigned handlebar switches with quick select and favourites
  • Revised 1301cc LC8 engine, 160 hp and 138 Nm
  • Remodeled optional technology such as Suspension Pro, Rally Pack and Tech Pack
The 2021 introduces new tech and refines existing engineering and technologies. Pictured here with new optional extras.


A sharper cornering sensation achieved by moving the steering head of the trellis frame back by 15mm and relocating the front section of the engine. Additionally, the longer swingarm contributes to a more stable feeling under acceleration. The new swingarm also has been crafted to provide a lower seat height without sacrificing practicality.

A new 23 litre, three part fuel tank and bodywork for a new agile feeling, with every section of the bodywork analysed to not impede the riding sensation. The new seat is adjustable by 20mm. The handlebars, brake and gear pedal are also adjustable. The windshield can be moved by 55mm.


Introducing Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) as standard, made in collaboration with Bosch. Radar based with five stages of adjustment, scanning for traffic ahead and adjusting your distance. Activate it over 30km/h and from 2nd gear. Once engaged it works up to 150km/h. Five stages of distance; VERY SHORT, SHORT, MIDDLE, LONG and VERY LONG, in both Comfort and Sport modes. Special dynamics include OVERTAKE ASSIST (a short burst of acceleration) and accommodating shifting utilising Quickshifter+ when fitted. Traditional Cruise Control is still usable without the radar system.

A new 7″ TFT display with a new Connectivity Unit for seamless smartphone pairing. The larger dash has faster and more practical menus and clearer infographics and is now tiltable. It’s scratch resistant, glare resistant. Full and changeable infotatement depending on the riding mode. The KTM MY RIDE APP pairs for turn-by-turn navigation, music, incoming calls. You can also view the data of the newly adjustable Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). All new switches on both sides of the handlebar with a quick select and favourites switches for on the fly changes whilst remaining focused on the road ahead and control everything from the ACC to the SAT and much more.

A new 6 axis lean angle sensor for the advanced MSC, cornering dependent ABS and MTC. A better, clearer feedback for the rider with boosted confidence, with more predictable and more intuitive systems for better feedback. Rider Modes to best suit your condition such as RAIN (limited to 100hp and a gentle throttle), STREET (default setting with standard throttle, medium engine braking and middle traction control), SPORT (full power, direct throttle feel, soft traction control for more wheelspin). Optional OFFROAD (100hp limit, more wheelspin for gravel terrain requirements), and optional RALLY (rider controls wheelspin level and wheelie parameter control).

New switches control the larger, new 7″ TFT display.


The lightweight 10kg frame has been rotated forward by just two degrees at the swingarm axle and is held by new aluminium struts. A shorter frame has been forged thanks to a 15mm rearward direction of the steering head. Great corner maneuverability and stability and better acceleration.

A new subframe by blending forged aluminium elements, now extended by 15mm to comply with the new demands. A practical storage space is underneath the seat whilst keeping to the new lower seat height.

Two seats, one for the rider for best riding ergonomics, one for the pillion for maximum comfort. Seat height can vary between 849mm and 869mm with a one touch button release. That’s 11mm closer to the ground for the rider versus the 2020 model. Or, you can purchase 1 of 11 KTM PowerParts seats of various heights and widths, even a heated version.

Changes to plastics whilst keeping to best use of strength and thickness have been made even more minimal, bringing the rider closer to the action. The all-new 23 litre fuel tank has three cells, with two of the compartments laterally placed. The fuel cap is electronically opened.

Wind tunnel optimised handguards are light and efficient in design. The cast alloy wheels are shod with Mitas TERRA FORCE-R tyres that are specifically developed for this new 2021 model. There is also a handy storage compartment in front of the fuel cap, accessible at all times.

You can adjust the handlebars in two positions. Newly shaped clutch and brake levers are adjustable, as well as the gear and rear brake levers. You can adjust the TFT screen angle, adjust the suspension and as above, the seat.

A new front headlight and bodywork design.


WP Semi-Active Suspension, also known as SAT. More sensitivity, more feedback and more possibilities for personlisation. A new updated Suspension Control Unit (SCU) adjusting magnetic valves and dampening control in real-time to react with surfaces and rider input.

Fully adjustable stroke sensors, tunable from the TFT display and rider selections. Front and rear are adjustable individually via an optional technical accessory. 3 different dampening modes; COMFORT, STREET, SPORT. There is also OFFROAD and AUTO as optional extras.

This is all achieved via 48mm with 200mm travel WP APEX SAT with optional anti-dive function. A rear, WP APEX SAT shock with 200mm of travel and completely new hydraulic pre-load adjuster is manipulated electronically, delivering valuable data to prevent bike sag, independent of weight. Now with 20mm of pre-load adjustment, that’s 10mm better than the 2020 model.


A massive 160hp and 138Nm. Now Euro5 compliant but less weight. The LC8 V-Twin remains absolutely outrageous.

  • The engine cases have thinner walls, almost 1kg of weight reduction
  • New exhaust with 2 headers and dual catalytic converters, 3 lambda sensors for Euro5 target achievement.
  • A stainless steel silencer with lower noise (maybe that doesn’t suit everyone!)
  • Twin ignition and new coils and centralised spark plug for better combustion
  • Revised oil routing to minimise friction losses
  • New internal aluminium tube replaces the oil channel from the engine cases and also saves weight
  • Clutch discs have new friction with rotated pads, better disengagement at low speeds
  • A redesigned airbox, above the engine, with ram air intakes to the redesigned and repositioned air filter which is also now easier to change
  • New cooling system with two radiators with improved feel for the rider and less heat thrown at the engine
  • PANKL gearbox now has shorter shifting and faster shifting times
  • The gearbox drum is now made of aluminium instead of steel plus greater machining precision for smoother shifting performance
  • A new bronze coating on the shift forks for lower rate of abrasion
When your adventure bike can do what you used to on your supersport bike, but with comfort.


KTM introduces a new look with a reduced frontal area with narrower profiling. Now with a more premium aesthetic, the 2021 model shows its evolution and greater connection between rider and surface.

  • New profile and graphics for Rally genesis and heritage
  • New fuel tank and bodywork refashioned for efficiency, thickness, strength and functionality
  • The 2021 shape for more movement, closer proximity, deeper feeling, sensitivity and comfort
  • A new wider beam for the brighter LED headlight with excellent daylight performance and integrated cornering detection. Redesigned to accommodate the front radar for the ACC.
  • Rear tail light redesign to accommodate the optional adaptive brake light
  • MITAS TERRA FORCE-R tyres were chosen after running various tests with various brands, the Mitas emerged as the best choice for grip and sturdiness.
  • New aluminium side-stand, helps with weight saving, designed for quick operation and stability when in use, keeping with the asthetics.
  • The Quickshifter+ remains optional, with a dual sensor that’s overhauled for improved functionality.
Depending on your tech packs, depends on your level of control.


In addition to the standard features, which summarise as:

  • Traction Control
  • Cornering ABS
  • Offroad ABS
  • Cruise Control
  • Street Mode
  • Sport Mode
  • Rain Mode
  • Race On Keyless Ignition
  • Automatic Turn Signal Cancellation
  • Tyre Pressure Monitor
  • MY RIDE bluetooth audio, phone and turn-by-turn GPS

These packs are optional, fitted either on purchase or later by us your KTM dealer.

> RALLY riding mode
> MTC slip adjuster
> Adjustable throttle

> Individual damping for front fork and rear shock
> Auto Pre-Load: High, Standard, Low
> Automatic Pre-Load Adjustment
> On/Off Anti-Dive

> Rally pack (as above)
> Suspension Pro (as above)
> Motor Slip Regulation
> Hill Hold Control
> Quickshifter+
> Adaptive Brake Light


  • 2 cylinder, 4 stroke V 75°
  • 1301cc displacement
  • 108mm/71mm bore/stroke
  • 118 kW or 160 hp @ 9,000 rpm
  • 138 Nm torque @ 6,500 rpm
  • 13.1:1 compression ratio
  • 12v electric starter, 11.2Ah
  • 6 speeds
  • Keihin EFI with 52 mm throttle body
  • 4 valves per cylinder, DOHC
  • Pressure lubrication with 3 Eaton pumps
  • 10W-50 Motorex motor oil
  • 40:76 primary drive
  • 17:42 final drive
  • Liquid cooled
  • PASC slipper clutch, hydraulically controlled
  • Keihin EMS with RBW and ACC and double ignition
  • MTC traction control, 4 modes, disengageable, lean angle sensitive
  • Chrome molybdenum steel trellis frame, powder coated
  • Aluminium powder coated subframe
  • Upside down 48mm WP SAT front forks
  • WP SAT rear shock
  • 2x Brembo 4-piston radially mounted front caliper on 320 mm discs
  • 1x Brembo 2-piston fixed rear caliper on 267 mm disc
  • Bosch 10.3ME combined-ABS with cornering and offroad mode, disengagable
  • Cast aluminium wheels, front 19″ x 3.5″, rear 17″ x 5
  • Front 120/70 ZR 19 tyre
  • Rear 170/60 ZR 17 tyre
  • Stainless steel silencer
  • 65.3° steering head angle
  • 109.2 mm trail
  • 1557 ± 15 mm wheelbase
  • 223 mm ground clearance
  • 849/869 mm seat height (adjustable)
  • 23 litre fuel tank including 5 litre reserve
  • Dry weight approximately 220 kg


KTM Australia expect first deliveries will arrive from April 2021. This of course is subject to the variables that COVID 19 presents and the current high demand of motorcycles througout the world.


Pricing is yet to be released in Australia.