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From April until the end of June 2024, Suzuki have announced their offers to carry us all to the end of the financial year.

We shall call it, the End of Financial Year Sale!

A summary of what's continued from last month and what's new.

address 110 2022

Extended until 30 June 2024

The free top case campaign continues, expanding the storage on this 4 stroke injected tough-as scooter.  You've seen them all over town thanks to delivery rental fleets, you know they're good if those businesses trust them to anyone who will hire out one for a someone to make a living picking up your burgers.

GIXXER 250 2023

New offer! Ends 30 June 2024

Fresh to Australia, this value LAMS approved motorcycle is available in naked and fairing form.  Thanks to a nicely offered rebate, both models are now $5,990 ride away.  Available in blue or black.  We took some decent pics of the first one that came to the store, posting them on Facebook.

SV650 LAMS 2024

New offer! Ends 30 June 2024

Previously only on the runout 2023 model (which is identical to the 2024 model), this current learner approved durable naked is now on sale for $10,990 ride away.  If you've waited, well done, you've just saved $500.

Only applies to the LAMS model; full power variant excluded for 2024.


Extended until 30 June 2024

If you visit our store, test ride our demonstrator, then love it lots and lots and purchase one for yourself in either white, blue or black, Suzuki will pay $700 to us your selling dealer to take off the ride away price.  We think you'll buy one, and our advertised price already includes this reduction.  Proof you test rode is sent, which is easy as it's a test ride form and license and copy of the purchase agreement.  We'll see you soon to start the process!


Extended until 30 June 2024

Suzuki's parallel twin adventure model still enjoys nice extras with every purchase.  Hand guards designed by Suzuki, Pirelli Scorpion tyres and a skid plate are all free. Fitting is included too, by us. Some limits apply to the tyre fitting, due to arrival and you wanting to start riding your bike, but we'll run through that in good detail.  Maybe you can buy our demo which at time of writing is for sale for a sensational price.

Note the non-DE model is not applicable to this offer.


Extended until 30 June 2024

Not that you're technically "paying less" if you weren't planning to buy genuine luggage....but....if you were - amazing value!  You get a top case AND side cases AND all the brackets that make them stay on.  And there's more!  We'll fit them for you too for free, once they arrive of course.  Black, black or black are your cases colour choices and we recommend having them fitted at your first service as they won't be here until your warranty is activated (then allow dispatch and shipping and delays).

And the good news is still coming... both the DE and non-DE models apply!  We have at time of typing a demo DE and demo non-DE on fleet - try before you buy!!  We're aiming to have these extras fitted to the demo bikes soon to show off the cases, and, if you buy our DE demo, you don't have to wait!


Extended until 30 June 2024

We have a GSX-R1000R demo to try before buying. So, our GSX-R1000 non-R (also known as ABS model) is up for sale with balance of factory warranty AND has never been ridden. We have two listings on our site in new here and used here, plus its on bikesales.  And the price is AWESOME. One only, and the 2024 model is the same but with blue stripes instead of goldie yellow ones.  Pay for more blue? I wouldn't.  As long as you like the yellowy gold I guess.


Extended until 30 June 2024

What's sensational about this at publication is we have a brand new bike AND a demo for sale, both in grey.  Black is sold out.

The 2024 colours are coming mid-June onwards, in white and black, and are mechanically identical.  Colour is subjective to the buyer, be it grey with red as your fave then we look forward to saving you money.  And not waiting until the EOFY.


New offer! Ends 30 June 2024

Want to be confused by a special offer?  Let's try and do that for you.

Suzuki are offering one or the other - not both, don't get cheeky and ask for both.

You can choose the advertised reduced price.  Great!
Or, you can pay a higher price and take the Cape York Kit which has made a comeback for (I don't know, I've lost count).

Stock supply of the "doctor" is pretty good these days, Australia's most durable enduro bike that's mega easy to maintain and still one of the few remaining carby model motorcycles that are registrable these days before emission standards probably kill that one day.

RM85R extra bits

Extended until 30 June 2024

A couple of extras on the last two-stroke Suzuki make/made.  Or made for Australia anyways.  It's been discontinued, but last told there was still OK stock in our brown land. Cheap to buy, durable to own, it's a MX bike but really a fun bike that's really well made.  If you want one, we'll order in a box.  If you want 10, sure, 10 it is.


We're not publishing what doesn't apply to our store.  Not that we've said no, but because we've sold out of what's not listed above that you've seen on Suzuki's site.  Other dealers may have stock remaining, or Suzuki haven't updated their site to match.  We're pretty open about information, please confirm with us if you feel we've missed an offer and have seen it elsewhere.

Talk to you soon about anything above!

  • Ph 07 3208 7999
  • Come to 112 Kingston Rd, Underwood when the store is open.
  • Send us a message from the bike you're interested in and we'll message or call you when we're at work.



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