Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir

SKU: 96180571AB

The Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir is a genuine Ducati part that comes in black or red billet aluminium, and reflects the Ducati style.

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Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir

Introducing the iconic Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir, your reliable companion for any journey. Feel the adrenaline of a powerful and dependable braking system on every ride.

Ducati uses superior engineering and materials in making their brake fluid reservoirs. Its leak-resistant O-ring helps keep the brake fluid contained. This reservoir meets high safety standards and can handle high temperatures, so you can trust it will keep your brakes working well. The tank also features an aluminium body construction for superior strength and a black anodized finish for added protection.

The 96180571 brake fluid reservoir offers improved performance and stability of the braking system, which helps ensure maximum stopping power and safety. It also helps reduce brake fade and allows for smoother, more consistent braking.

Key Features

  • Designed for high-performance Ducati motorcycles
  • Made from billet aluminium
  • Direct fit to the motorcycle, easy installation
  • O-ring seal to ensure tight connection
  • Precision-engineered for accurate fluid control
  • Large fluid capacity to hold up to 250ml of brake fluid
  • Stainless steel bolts resist corrosion and rust
  • Long lasting and leak-free performance

This reliable and efficient product will help you keep your brakes in top condition. Whether you're a racing enthusiast or simply looking for the perfect everyday ride, it provides superior performance and maximum protection against wear. With its superior braking power and excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, this is an essential item for any serious rider.

Be the envy of your friends with the Ducati 96180571 brake fluid reservoir available in Black or Red!

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