Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir

SKU: 96180581AA

The Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir is a precious accessory that perfectly fits the bike's line and Ducati style.


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Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir

Unleash your ride's full potential with the incredible Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir from Ducati. Get ready to experience enhanced braking power and maximum control.

The Ducati Brake Fluid Reservoir is manufactured in partnership with Rizoma and is constructed with a robust aluminium alloy to withstand high pressures and temperature extremes, providing superior durability compared to other models. The specialised tank features a rubber seal to prevent leakage, along with a reinforced filter screen for extra filtration and reliable performance. This reservoir is also designed with an improved internal venting system for greater control over fluid levels and pressure regulation.

The '96180581' product is designed to improve braking performance, offering increased resistance to high temperatures, and improved stability for the braking system.

Key Features

  • Fits motorcycles with front and rear disc brakes
  • Designed for wet clutch operation
  • Suitable for all DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids
  • Securely locks to bike frame via two screws
  • Heat-resistant cap prevents brake fluid from boiling
  • Provides safe and easy access to brake fluid reservoir
  • Constructed from high-quality aluminium and plastic components
  • Can be installed in minutes without the need for tools or adapters
  • Avaiulable in Black or Red

Experience increased safety and reliability on your next ride with this high quality brake fluid reservoir. Its durable construction and superior design allow you to make the most of your journeys, while the sleek look and impressive colour scheme adds an element of style to your ride. Make sure you protect your bike with this must-have product.

Secure your Ducati brake fluid reservoir now and enjoy worry-free riding with reliable, Italian-crafted quality.

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