A better deal for 2 wheels.

Wayne Gardner is the campaign ambassador.
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2 Wheel Action Group (TWAG) is about one thing. A better deal for powered 2 wheels.

It doesn’t matter if you ride a sports bike, cruiser, dirt squirter or a scooter. We all are the same and share the love of riding!

With each and every state having its own set of rules around powered 2 wheel registration, it just shouldn’t be so hard (and expensive)!

TWAG is an organisation for the motorcyclist.

Let’s simplify powered 2 wheel registration across the WHOLE OF AUSTRALIA!

We have 6 key objectives:

· Lower the total cost of Powered 2 Wheel Registration including CTP

· Standardise Registration and CTP Australia wide

· LA category vehicles (mopeds) to be ridden on a car licence Australia wide

· Incentivise commuters to purchase 2 Wheel electric vehicle transport through green fund rebates (as per current solar rebates) and NO stamp duty charges.

· National exemption from motorway, bridge and tunnel toll charges.

· Parking to be free, including on the footpath as long as public thoroughfares and walkways are not to be compromised or impaired

Powered 2-wheel transport is the simplest, most cost-effective, flexible and socially distanced transport solution available !

Let’s keep the costs of powered 2-wheel transport as low as the impact they have on our roads, infrastructure and environment.

Support us so we can get a better deal for 2 wheels and get Australia moving!

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