The 2019 Suzuki SV650 has a new colour. And it really suits this naked street bike.

Springwood Suzuki welcomes the 2019 Suzuki SV650’s new colour scheme.

For as long as folks remember the Suzuki street range they hold their hat high to the SV650. Even though that time when the Italian influence intervened and the Gladius was created (code named SFV650 to keep the link alive) which actually sold really well in Europe. Back to it; the SV650 is the trusted source for a mid-sized street machine keeping the V-Twin dream alive. And doing that recipe well.

For 2019, the SV650 remains mechanically unchanged from what already is a magic bike to ride. Top to bottom, it’s non-offensive and perfect for someone who wants to stick to the classic naked look (enter round headlight and exposed mechanicals), yet does not want to sacrifice on build quality.

Suzuki thankfully has stuck to what they know, unlike other variants or brands that have strayed away to a lesser build quality and dropped the price too to hopefully gather a new client.

You can read the review, you can admire the bike. You can do the official handling test and sit on the bike at standstill, whilst empty of fuel, and bounce the suspension and tell someone how it’ll deal with a corner. We love that one.

The easy read LCD backlit dash has a wealth of information. And it’s lightweight. At a glance and even in the wet it’s easy to find what you want to see. Not much glare either at night which can be a problem on pretty colour screens.

The motor is purrrrfect for a V-Twin – the right amount of torque and where you need it too. This is a full power version so R license holders only apply. And it revs out giving you the fun you’d expect with feedback stating how you’re riding is you doing well. You get to push towards the limit with these, not just sit well under what the bike wants and can do to prevent a trip to the big house in the enclosed signwritten van.

Since 1999 the SV650 has been available, more or less. Full power and LAMS it’s something for everyone. This latest model doesn’t disappoint. Dual throttle valve fuel injection, gears that click through like they’re in butter, Suzuki’s Easy Start where no clutch is required and a quick press of the starter letting the bike fire in to life when it’s ready. Or, the Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) chrome-plated cylinders for friction free running, aligned with the twin spark technology makes for trouble-free motoring.

A slim profile and a low seat should suit most riders. The powerful brakes with ABS pull you up nicely and will suit upcoming mandatory requirements for braking in Australia (ABS on road bikes). It’s light too, with a low centre of gravity to match. This with the open truss frame and smooth riding suspension has a visual and real feel of easy handling.

Suzuki have paid homage to the GSX-R with similar looking LED tail and stop lamps, nice and bright and accompanied by clear lens with amber globe blinkers to be seen when needed. The round headlight is bright for ongoing traffic and brilliant at night. Although LED’s can be modern, some diodes are weak and low on output. The good ‘ol halogen in this instance is a sure thing.

Visit our showroom to see it in the flesh and talk to our Sales Crew who can help you to your next motorcycle, be it this SV650 or something totally different. That’s what 30 years of being in business provides in return – experts to talk to.

The 2019 Suzuki SV650 retails for $10,190 ride away and is available now.

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