KTM 890 Adventure 2021 Orange


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New engine with 90 cc added displacement.
Improved performance with 105 hp & 100 Nm.
Now Euro5 compliant.
Better rideability thanks to 20% increased rotating mass.
Stronger clutch adapted to increased performance.
High-quality WP suspension components & new rear shock.
Reworked front & rear brakes for added control.
Improved ABS & MTC settings.
Anodized wheel hubs instead of powder coated.
Handlebar switch with Cruise Control button ready for optional software additional.
Slim profile, refined ergonomics & new graphics.
Travel-ready with two-part, adjustable seat & low fender.
Smartphone connectivity giving access to music & calls.
Optional KTM MY RIDE app for turn-by-turn navigation.
Unmistakable aesthetic and identity.
Dakar-inspired bike design.


  • 889 cc, 4-stroke, parallel twin, DOHC
  • 77 kW at 8,000 rpm (compared to the KTM 790 Adventure’s 70 kW)
  • 100 Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm (a rise of 12 over the KTM 790 Adventure)
  • The figures are driven out by 90.7 mm of bore and 68.8 mm of stroke with compression hiked to 13,5.1
  • Other increases include 1 mm differences in valve and exhaust intakes
  • Higher valve spring rates and oval steel springs are part of the unit that delivers 20% more rotating mass
  • Rotating mass increase possible without impacting the overall agility of the bike
  • More stable engine character at low and mid throttle use
  • More cornering stability due to the gyroscopic function of the internals
  • Forged box pistons with three rings and a shorter piston pin
  • Despite the larger bore, a 10 gr weight reduction has been possible
  • Two oil jets compared to one per piston helps with optimal cooling of the components
  • Two new balancer shafts to accompany the larger scale of engine performance
  • Balance shafts, one is located towards the front of the crankshaft and the other in the cylinder head
  • A new v-shape conrod contributes to less oscillating mass and the top end bearing contains a bronze conrod instead of one that is DLC coated
  • New horizontally split crankcases are made from a high pressure aluminum cast
  • The weight has been optimized through detailed attention to wall thickness the surfaces of the material in order to fabricate the most efficient design
  • Open deck cylinders have been fully integrated
  • Any interference between the cylinders at low or partial throttle opening has been eliminated by removal of the connection between the two intake tracts
  • A knock sensor on the cylinder head improves the robust nature of the engine for the KTM 890 ADVENTURE range
  • The sensor has been fitted to detect any ‘knocking combustions’ and is a well-thought addition for the travel segment when dealing with different quality of fuel from country to country
  • The sensor helps momentarily delay the ignition to combat knocking combustion and preserves engine life
  • A larger oil cooler as part of the semi-dry sump system
  • Reduction of friction losses is generated by actively pumping oil out of the crankcase, clutch housing and gearbox
  • Liquid cooled with water and oil heat exchanger
  • Motorex, Power Synth SAE 10W-50 engine oil


  • Two Dell’Orto 46mm throttle bodies fitted with two new sensors for effective pressure reading of each manifold
  • An environmentally conscious 105 g/KM of CO2
  • A fuel cell with a narrow shape places the bulk of the fuel as low as possible to help with the position of the center of gravity
  • Fuel cell contains 20 liters and can reach a 400 km range depending on riding style and conditions
  • Stainless steel primary and secondary exhaust silencer


  • Cable operated PASC Slipper clutch
  • The new Power Assist Slipper Clutch (PASC) is another key upgrade over the KTM 790 ADVENTURE
  • The slipper clutch function controls rear wheel chatter while also making gear changes much easier and smoother to coincide with long hours in the saddle
  • The system graces the KTM 890 ADVENTURE’s strong engine output by increasing the oil supply at low rpm
  • Clutch is freshly constructed for better durability and heat resistance
  • The architecture also guarantees sufficient oil separation, therefore making it easier to select neutral
  • Light spring actions, shorter shift lever travel
  • Improved settings of the optional Quickshifter+ leads to quicker and easier gear changes
  • Gearbox has also been toughened with glass beading on the 4th, 5th and 6th gear cogs
  • Primary drive 39:75
  • Final drive 16:45, X-chain Ring 520


  • Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel frame using the engine as stressed element, powder coated
  • Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel trellis subframe, powder coated
  • KTM kept this bike slim and manageable with a low seat height but also with enough ground clearance and usability to allow riders to explore the outer limits of every adventure
  • Weight has been saved while not compromising strength or rigidity, reached through lighter steel profiles of the trellis structure
  • Going into 2021 with more dynamism thanks to the three-way colours
  • Ergonomics are cleverly formulated to match the resourcefulness of the bike and the role it is designed for
  • Fuel with low centralisation assists handling which is keenly felt offroad
  • Riders can bring their knees closer to the center of the bike when standing up and the dirt bike profile of the seat facilitates movement
  • Positioning of the tank in the chassis helps towards the lower seat height while the section towards the bottom even protects riders’ feet from spray water and cold air
  • Aluminum, tapered, Ø 28/ 22 mm handlebars
  • Wheelbase 1,509 mm ± 15 mm
  • 233 mm ground clearance
  • Seat height 850/830 mm
  • Dry weight approximately 196 kg


  • WP suspension APEX technology
  • A new rear shock offers improved damping behavior and more customization thanks to a rebound damping adjuster and an additional hand adjuster for the spring pre-load
  • Front WP APEX 43
  • Rear WP APEX Monoshock
  • Travel front and rear 200 mm
  • 64,1° steering head angle


  • Improved brakes
  • Stronger piston spring in the front brake’s master cylinder means a better and more sensitive feeling and feedback on the lever and ‘slim seal’ technology for the piston seal provides more accuracy with the pressure point
  • The rear brake system new isolated pistons in the caliper work with isolation plates between the pads and piston for more heat stability
  • This is a valuable workaround to ensure reliable and enduring braking performance when on a long descent or when there are more demands on the components
  • A stainless-steel rear brake hose fitting is another measure to keep heat in check
  • Front 2 × radially mounted 4 piston caliper, brake disc Ø 320 mm
  • Rear 2 piston floating caliper, brake disc Ø 260 mm
  • Bosch 9.1 MP (incl. Cornering-ABS and off-road mode, dis-engageable)


  • Now with anodized wheel hubs instead of powder-coated, the change means a better, more resistant and high-quality appearance
  • Spoked wheels with aluminium rims
  • Front 2.50 × 21″
  • Rear 4.50 x 18″
  • Front tyre 90/90-21″
  • Rear tyre 150/70-18″


  • A new generation of Cornering Motorcycle Traction Control (CMTC) now with independent controllers
  • CMTC with one for wheel slip and another for pitch angle
  • Pitch control can be felt in straight line acceleration with a more constant flow as the power reduction is less abrupt and severe
  • In a matter of milliseconds, the CMTC software smoothly reduces engine output through intervention at the throttle valves
  • The amount of rear wheel traction slip then depends on the selected CMTC ride mode
  • The CMTC system can be deactivated entirely
  • RALLY mode is an optional extra:
    • This adjusts the degree of MTC intervention with up to 9 selectable slip levels
    • The range is designed to assist a spectrum of rider: from eager offroad beginners to accomplished travel explorers
    • The depth of RALLY mode selectivity means the KTM 890 ADVENTURE can flow across any rugged pass but can also be tweaked to enable
      delicate and skilled rider actions like front wheel lift on acceleration and rear wheel drifts
  • Increased the precision and efficiency of its Cornering ABS software
  • Enhanced braking power while minimizing the intrusion of the ABS
  • Offroad ABS means braking activation on the front wheel is reduced and the lean angle sensor is deactivated
  • Riders can then use the full locking potential of the rear wheel to steer the back end of the bike
  • Cruise control hardware is factory fitted with optional software to finalise and activate
  • Electric starter with 12V 10Ah battery
  • Bosch EMS with Ride By Wire (RBW)


Priced on road ride away in Queensland including 12 months registration, stamp duty, dealer and administration costs. Buyers must hold a QLD license. Unregistered pricing is available, say for interstate purchases.

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Engine power figures are taken from the Queensland Transport and Main Roads database or Redbook, when available.  These figures are the engineered approved national power outputs.  Figures obtained from the actual motorcycle for sale may differ and has not been independently measured.  No account has been taken for modifications or age on the motor.  Take the power figures as a general guide only.

KTM 890 Adventure 2021Grey

Available to Pre-Order

Price is ride away in QLD. Due in 2021. Now with more engine grunt, improved handling, added suspension adjustability and rider-focussed technology, the KTM 890 Adventure in grey is the ultimate road and gravel traveller. Known as the ‘S’ vs the ‘R’, this is ideally suited to mostly the tarmac.


Engine:Parallel twin, injected
Power:77 kW
Drive:6 speed, chain final
Ignition:Key type
Seat Height:830 / 850 mm
Weight:196 kg dry
Tank:20 L
Services:15,000 km
Warranty:24 months
Rego:12 Months

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