The latest GT. Dressed to go out.

Our 2019 KTM 1290 Super Duke GT demonstrator, fitted with KTM PowerParts.

This here is our KTM 1290 Super Duke GT. It’s the latest 2019 model with a range of updates over the previous generation.

As the focus for this motorcycle is touring, it’s only fair we pop some of the KTM PowerParts goodies required to open the journey book properly.

Although we could go completely bonkers with fun add-ons to make this the ultimate long riding sports tourer, we do intend to move it to a real home eventually and it’s best it stays affordable.

The new 6.5″ TFT screen which is standard.

At a quick glance you’ll spot most obviously the side cases and top case. Plenty of room for your undies. They’re removable (like your undies) so a shorter weekender is possible with just the side or top case, depending on your preference. It’s common to run panniers to keep the weight down low, or a top case if that’s not a bother to you and you’d rather a narrow bike for lane splitting. Under 30km/h of course…

A snapshot of the latest GT especially against the outgoing variant (which is on sale, just saying) showcases improvements across the machine. There are the obvious changes and most noticeably the large instrument screen and front lighting design. Those two alone are rather cool and we’re massive fans of the layout on the screen of the massive amount of information on hand at a glance. Good for OCD too with the central speedo and tacho circling around it amoungst all the other messages and data.

Brembo braking to pull you up on a dime.

A few other features now on the 2019 model include:

  • Sharper, stronger, more refined.
  • A better screen to protect the rider.
  • Redesigned front for better protection and now with two storage slots.
  • Keyless riding now standard like the R with the fob in range (like on the bike or zipped in your jacket pocket).
  • USB socket to recharge your phone (normal size phones not supersized jobbies).
  • The cornering LED’s are linked to the ECU; the harder you lean the more LED’s turn on to keep the corners in view at night on dark country roads. Bright turning LED’s are within this cluster too, so very tidy.
  • The dash has a night and day mode to help with glare.
  • The 6.5″ TFT screen also has plenty of colours depending on what’s happening, say for instance, as the revs rise the colours change on the text and graphics. That’s great for the peripheral vision and keeping your eyes on the road ahead.
  • A longer subframe over the R to offer pannier spots and passenger comfort, whilst improving on long riding comfort and stability.
  • Heated grips are included with all wiring now hidden. This along with the standard hand guards offer cold riding comfort.
That luggage has a combined volume to make any journey hassle free.

Be sure to book in for more detail and a demonstration for when you’re in the market for the latest sports tourer that’s hardly a bore to ride. KTM have kept this ultra sporty and powerful without compromising on the ability to eat the tarmac motel to motel.

See the GT here and here on our model page.

Find out if there is a run out model by clicking here.

More images below to enjoy spotting all the extras we’ve added and the new features mentioned.

It may be a tourer however the sports bike stance is still present.
KTM’s aggressive front look is now captured on the GT, and highly functional with ultra bright LED’s all round.
The orange pops nicely on the top case.
The heated passenger seat has a fantastic finish.
The side cases with orange panels are very KTM.
We’ve also added adjustable levers.
The LED DRL is a stand out to oncoming traffic and the integrated LED blinkers are super sharp to alert road users of your intentions.
The LED theme continues at the rear with blinkers and a clever tail light that looks as good as it functions.
The stripe on the case takes that panel look away.
The rider’s heated seat on this demonstrator looks as good as it is comfortable.
The orange surrounding the headlight also helps to be seen on the road.
The rider’s seat is wide and ideal for long rides with the pegs mounted perfectly to prevent cramping.
The display is different to that on the Adventure range with graphics suited to the GT.
Cruise Control is standard and a must with the flash for cash vans about and a break for your wrist on long straight roads.
The rider’s seat, these heated seats are an addition by us.
Semi-active suspension is adjustable at a click of a button and also responds to the road beneath.
The switches are backlit and are easy to use and feel whilst riding under gloves.
Hand guards are now standard and compliment the heated grips for cooler riding.
Another view for the added on adjustable levers.