Suzuki announce the updated GSX-S1000.

Razor sharp and ready to strike.

The 2022 Suzuki GSX-S1000 in Triton Blue.

The beauty of naked aggression. The design concept is one-of-a-kind with radical headlight design. A powerful stance. Headlight design cues taken from the lines of a jet fighter. An increase in fuel capacity now 19 litres, more time riding.

A 999cc in-line four cylinder with a variety of parts revised for an improved ride. Now 112kW at 11,000 rpm, this is a 2kW power crease now peaking at 1,000 rpm than the previous model. Acceleration is zero to 200 meters in 6.64 secs, a mild improvement over the previous. The 400m sprint is 10.15 seconds, it’s no slouch.

A broader and smoother torque curve with greater overall cumulative torque production. A more consistent power delivery across the range. Most noticeable to the mid to high rpm range, now better to control the output.

Suzuki’s Clutch Assist System for a lighter touch and lower’s rider fatigue.

The model has a host of electronics to enhance the motorcycle riding experience. These are:

  • Suzuki Drive Mode Selector (SDMS)
  • Ride-By-Wire Electronic Throttle System
  • Suzuki Easy Start System
  • Suzuki Traction Control System (STCS)
  • Bi-directional Quick Shift System
  • Low RPM Assist

SDMS has 3 mode settings:

  • A = Active
  • B = Basic
  • C = Comfort

A is for the sharpest throttle response.
B is a more linear power delivery, tuned to be more controllable, great for every day riding.
C is the softest response, say for poor weather and slippery surfaces or in tight traffic.
Peak power is available on all 3 modes.

A new 5 mode traction control system suits a variety of riders and situations. Utilising the Throttle Position Sensor, Crank Position Sensor, Front and Rear Wheel Speed Sensors and Gear Position Sensor, the system in the ECM limits and controls the Electronic Throttle Valve, Ignition Coil, Fuel Injectors and display on the Instrument Cluster and controls the engine.

Ride by Wire is new for this model, versus the previous model mechanical arrangement. Now for a more seamless operation.

The Bi-direction quickshifter is standard, both up and down shifts.

The Suzuki Easy Start is for one quick press of the button to fire the engine. The Low RPM Assist helps the rider anti-stall, especially in traffic.

The twin-spar aluminium frame is designed for nimble handling and road holding ability, whilst the aluminium swingarm is straight out of the GSX-R1000.

The rider’s seat is designed with improved rear support and freedom of movement.

New rubber mounts on the new handlebar reduce vibration to the now 23mm wider handlebars reducing the force to steer the front end.

Brembo radial mounted caplipers are top spec, mounted on the front for superior stopping power.

The 43mm KYB inverted fully adjustable front forks provide a sporty yet plush ride. Precise settings are possible.

Link-type rear suspension with rebound damping and spring pre-load adjustment, up to 130mm of wheel travel.

Dunlop Roadsport 2 tyres are now featured on this model. A new compound with optimised tread pattern, with optimised warm up and improved wet weather handling.

Koito headlights are LED, vertically stacked include a LED position light. Front and rear LED turn signals accompany the rear LED combination lamp with double lens design.

Brightness adjustable full LED display inspiring a blue colour, similar to the display seen on the Katana and V-Strom 1050 with custom animation to suit the GSX-S1000 on start up.

A range of Suzuki Genuine Accessories will be available.

Three colours are features for the global announcement. Suzuki Australia are yet to confirm the colours available for Australia. Colours for the world are:

  • Triton Blue
  • Glass Black
  • Glass Matt Mechanical Grey


At present, Suzuki Australia have not announced a way to purchase this model.


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To see the Global Suzuki full product video, click to watch below.