Streetfighter models launched.

The Streetfighter V2 and Streetfighter V4SP join the existing Streetfighter V4 and V4 S.

Ducati overnight launched already well-received new models to the Fight Formula Family.

Ducati Streetfighter V2.
Ducati Streetfighter V2.

The Streetfighter V2 has a forecasted price of only $22,500 ride away, available in Ducati Red.

The Panigale V2 stripped of the fairings, with high and wide handlebar, 178 kg dry weight, powered by 955 cc Superquadro delivering 153 hp and controlled by a latest-generation electronic package. This is the reinterpretation of Ducati’s “Fight Formula” which, after the admired Streetfighter V4, is applied to the twin-cylinder Panigale and
gives life to the Streetfighter V2the new gateway to the Borgo Panigale super-naked family.

The new Streetfighter V2 is a sports naked with a one-of-a-kind character. It accommodates the needs of those riders who are looking for a bike capable of combining the sporting Panigale V2’s DNA with both the attitude and style of the admired Streetfighter. The result is an intuitive and easy-to-handle vehicle, with the right dose of power to ensure feisty performance and maximum riding fun.

It is noteworthy that this project is the precious fruit of the reinterpretation of Ducati’s successful “Fight Formula”, this time applied to the Panigale V2, stripped of the fairings and equipped with high and wide handlebars. The dry weight of this vehicle is 178 kg and the engine is the 955 cc and 153 hp Superquadro controlled by the latest-generation electronic package.

The new Streetfighter V2 is essential and characterized by a truly sharp design, which embraces the classic stylistic elements of the Streetfighter V4, starting with the distinctive headlight, which recalls the V-shaped DRL typical of Ducati sports bikes and is inspired by the famous grin of the Joker.

The design concept behind this new model is built around the mechanics inherited from the Panigale V2, with the Superquadro engine as a bearing element.
Ergonomics has major rider-centric features and is focused on road use with the added values of sportiness and comfort. The high and wide aluminum handlebars replace the handlebar risers of the Panigale V2. The saddle now is wider and has new padding that contributes to make this bike even more comfortable. In addition, the footpegs have been repositioned to increase the amount of room. All these improvements allow the biker great control in sporty riding and facilitate everyday use at the same time.
The engine of the Streetfighter V2 is the 955 cc Euro 5-compliant Superquadro, capable of delivering a maximum power of 153 hp at 10,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 101.4 Nm at 9,000 rpm. This engine results not only usable and enjoyable on the road but also effective and excellent on the track, where can be easily managed. Compared to the Panigale V2, the Streetfighter V2 project has a shorter final ratio (15/45 vs 15/43): this figure guarantees greater torque to the wheel at road speeds while giving better engine responsiveness when re-opening the throttle.

While developing this new model, Ducati engineers focused their obsessive attention on the chassis set-up. As a matter of fact, the Superquadro engine is used as a bearing element connecting the compact front structure, consisting of a monocoque frame in die-cast aluminum fixed to the engine head. The single-sided swingarm, which is also connected to the engine, is 16 mm longer compared to that of the Panigale V2, a winning point which contributes to ensure the stability of the whole bike.
To this platform are added the 43 mm Showa BPF front fork and the Sachs shock absorber, featuring dedicated calibration to make the bike more comfortable on the road as well as easily adjustable for a whole new dimension of fun on the racetrack.

The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with 5-spoke wheels and the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tyres: 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 180/60 ZR17 at the rear, which provide a super fast response to the rider’s needs together with an extra cornering feeling. Except for the adoption of brake pads characterised by a less aggressive bite, more suitable for road use, the whole braking system is faithfully taken from the Panigale V2 and features Brembo M4-32 monobloc radial calipers with 320 mm diameter discs.

The comprehensive and modern electronic compartment fitting the Streetfighter V2 is inherited from the Panigale V2. The 6-axis IMU inertial platform manages all the electronic controls of the bike and gives the position of the bike in space in real time, sending the information to the control units that manage the controls. The electronic package includes: ABS Cornering EVO with “slide by brake” functionality, Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 2, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, Ducati Quick Shift up/down (DQS) EVO 2, Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO.

The Streetfighter V2 features three different Riding Modes (Sport, Road, Wet) with dedicated control settings. The electronic equipment can be enhanced by a range of accessories of the Ducati Performance catalogue: Ducati Data Analyzer (DDA + GPS) and Ducati Multimedia System.

The bike is equipped with full-LED headlights with front DRL and a 4.3” full-TFT dashboard with an intuitive interface that recalls the Streetfighter V4 family-feeling.
The Streetfighter V2 will be available at Ducati dealerships starting from December in the Ducati Red with black rims.

The Ducati Performance catalogue features an extended range of accessories, like the biplane wings, faithfully derived from the Streetfighter V4, designed to guaranteeing a downforce of 28 kg at 265 km/h and particularly suitable to get the most out of this bike on the track. Furthermore, a complete Akrapovič racing exhaust is still available, with a further boost of power, up to 157 hp and reduces the weight by 7 kg. The single-seater kit, the approved Akrapovič exhaust and many other components that enhance the look and characteristics of the bike are also available.

The Streetfighter V2 knows exactly how to stand out. That is thanks to its design that shows at the first glance a strong family feeling with the muscular Streetfighter V4, a model from which it inherits the most characteristic elements. However, the Ducati Centro Stile has worked on the reinterpretation of some aesthetic concepts, with the ultimate goal of providing the bike with a strong and distinctive character, by means of a series of changes that underline its unique attitude.

The Streetfighter V2 style is shaped around the mechanics inherited from the Panigale V2. The load-bearing element is represented by the Superquadro engine, more compact than the Desmosedici Stradale, which perfectly integrates the fluid surfaces of the tank. The bodywork of the new Streetfighter V2 is particularly essential. The two main lines naturally connect the tail to the front fairing through the engine and the tip. All this, works in harmony with the superstructural elements and thus reflecting the idea of a particularly elegant, agile and compact motorcycle.

The true spirit of the Streetfighter V4 is perfectly represented by the minimalistic design and characterized by the distinctive headlight, which recalls the Panigale V4 front, including the V-shaped DLR, and the famous grin of the Joker. Moreover, the headlight is part of the double-layer fairing that integrates the air intakes.
Each element added to the mechanical components of the bike combines aesthetics and functionality: that’s the case of the covers used to better manage the heat flows and the noise of the bike. The rear is built on an aluminum trellis frame covered with plastic elements.

Ducati engineers worked on aerodynamics and performance (now even more affordable), to avoid the standard adoption of the biplane wings. All this, without sacrificing chassis efficiency meanwhile giving the Streetfighter V2 an additional clean and essential look. However, the biplane wings are still available as an accessory for those passionates who want to get the most out of this machine between the curbs of a racetrack.

In keeping with the Streetfighter’s style, the V2 version is characterised by a riding position that perfectly combines sporty flavour with superior comfort feeling. Compared to the Panigale V2, the torso position results less extreme. Furthermore, the load on the rider’s wrists is less tiring and the footrests have been repositioned, thus offering
great control during sporty riding and in everyday use.
The handlebar risers of the Panigale V2 leave room for a high and wide aluminium tubular handlebar. The seat, derived from the Streetfighter V4, is 845 mm high, and compared to that of the Panigale V2 it is wider and has new padding that contributes to make this bike even more comfortable.
Engine The Streetfighter V2’s 955cc Superquadro twin cylinder complies with Euro 5 regulations. With the Panigale V2 it
shares the exhaust system that develops entirely under the engine featuring a new compact silencer located on
the right side. Thanks to its 153 hp at 10,750 rpm and the torque of 101.4 Nm at 9,000 rpm, the Superquadro
offers the perfect combination between power and enjoyment in road riding. The Streetfighter V2 engine delivers
generous torque from low revs and has a wide range of use, but results still very manageable.
The Streetfighter V2 engine is a structural element of the chassis. The V-90° layout in line with Ducati tradition, results now with cylinder rotated backwards to achieve 21° angle between the front cylinder and the horizontal plane, with the aim of strongly compacting the wheelbase. Compared to the Panigale V2 engine, the size of the oval section throttle bodies with a diameter equivalent to 62 mm remains unchanged, independently controlled by a full Ride by Wire system.
955 cm³ displacement is obtained from a short stroke engine (100 X 60.8 mm): a technical choice which allows for extremely efficient fluid dynamics (valves with an important diameter 41.8 mm intake, 34 mm exhaust) and also a great driveability and fluidity of delivery. The valves are controlled by the Desmodromic system with sport-derived rocker arms, coated in DLC (Diamond-like Carbon), in order to reduce friction and increase fatigue resistance.
The transmission is entrusted to a 6-speed gearbox with Ducati Quick Shift Up / Down EVO 2 system combined with wet clutch, equipped with an anti-hopping and progressive servo system that allows limited slippage when braking torque is applied. All this, facilitating better control of the bike during braking and an increase in the load on the discs during acceleration without compromising the effort on the lever.
With the aim to achieve the dry weight of only 178 kg, the chassis of the Streetfighter V2 has been optimised to the maximum, using the Superquadro engine as a load-bearing element to which the rear single-sided swingarm (pivoted directly on the crankcase) and the compact front structure are integrated, a die-cast aluminum monocoque, anchored directly to the engine head.
An extremely rational and light structure, where the monocoque is also a multifunctional technical element, which also performs the function of air-box. In fact, in addition to the air filter, it also houses the throttle bodies and the fuel circuit with injectors. The bottom of the steel tank is used as a closing element to complete this piece of motorcycle art.
Chassis geometry has been refreshed for the different use and the specific weight distribution (with rider on board) that characterises the Streetfighter V2 compared to the Panigale V2. The steering dimensions include a 24° steerer, 94 mm of travel and 1465 wheelbase. Thanks to a careful definition of the heights of the front and rear, the weight distribution remains distinctly sporty: specifically, 52% at the front and 48% at the rear.
Suspension compartment is fitted with a 43 mm diameter Showa BPF front fork, fully-adjustable in compression and rebound damping and spring preload. The control of the front end is completed by a Sachs steering damper. A progressive link operates the fully-adjustable Sachs rear shock absorber. The side-mounted shock absorber allows quick access to all adjustments, the link is moved by a single-arm cast in aluminum.
The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with 5-spoke wheels and the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tyres: 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 180/60 ZR17 at the rear, which provide a super fast response to the rider’s input together with an
extra cornering feeling.
The excellence of Ducati braking systems is also maintained in the Streetfighter V2, which is equipped with an entirely radial front system (callipers and pump) with M4.32 monobloc callipers that act on a pair of 320 mm discs. The rear system is also manufactured by Brembo and consists of a calliper with two opposing pistons that acts on a 245 mm diameter disc. The brake pads have a less aggressive bite than on the Panigale V2 to favour their effectiveness in road use.
The IMU inertial platform oversees all electronic controls of the Streetfighter V2. The IMU works on 6 axes by measuring the position of the bike in space in real time and sending the information to the control units that manage the electronic controls. All this in order to ensure maximum performance and safety.

Electronic Streetfighter V2 package includes:
– ABS Cornering EVO
– Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 2
– Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO
– Ducati Quick Shift up/down (DQS) EVO 2
– Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO

The operating parameters of each control are associated by default to the three Riding Modes (Sport, Road, Wet), which change denomination compared to those of the Panigale V2 and see the introduction of the Riding Mode Wet with specific settings of Traction Control and Wheelie Control for low grip surfaces.

The Riding Modes are also associated with three Power Modes: High Mode with a full torque curve, Medium Mode with a softened torque curve, and Low Mode with limited power.
In addition, for the first time on the Superquadro engine, dedicated torque maps have been introduced for the Medium and Low Power Modes for gear groups to provide a more linear power delivery in road use.

ABS Cornering EVO
The ABS system, available as-standard, can be set at three different levels to fully meet the needs of all riders, on racetrack or road.
At level 2 and 3, the ABS system features the Cornering function, which keeps the ABS working even with the bike leaned over, thus preventing a low side crash.
Level 3 is recommended for road riding or where there is poor grip; it guarantees safe and stable braking and keeps rear wheel lift under control during aggressive deceleration thanks to the Cornering function.
Level 2 is dedicated to amateur riders enjoying on-road adventure or track days. The system controls both the rear and front braking systems, keeps the cornering function on but disables lift-up control to allow harder, sportier braking. Selecting Level 2 the “slide by brake” function is activated, letting riders drift into bends.
Level 1 is not the default setting on any Riding Mode: it is recommended for on-track use by expert riders. It ensures racing-standard ABS intervention on the front wheel only. To maximise performance, both the cornering and anti lift-up functions are disabled.

Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 2
The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with DTC EVO 2 traction control system MotoGP-derived, managed by the 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and adapting intervention on the basis of lean angle.

The system offers maximum performance and safety on the racetrack and on the road.
The predictive strategy allows not only to “cut” the power delivery after slippage, but to predict its start, thus
allowing a more linear and homogeneous control. All this on the track obviously means more effective driving and
better lap times. Moreover, specifically for the Streetfighter V2, also born to further boost sporty on-road riding, it
also means a greater level of safety and acceleration control, whatever the asphalt condition.

In addition to controlling spark advance and injection, the DTC EVO 2 system uses, in all situations not requiring fast intervention, the throttle body valves to maintain optimal combustion parameters and guarantee more fluid engine response and control. DTC EVO 2 can be set to 8 different levels (6 for dry conditions, 2 for wet), letting riders adapt control strategy to their individual riding styles and grip conditions to maximise performance.

Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO
The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with the latest version of Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO. Using the data feed from the 6D IMU, this system keeps wheelies under control while maximising acceleration easily and safely. DWC EVO provides more accurate wheelie readings; it thus exerts more precise control to ensure the bike responds faster to rider input.

Ducati Quick Shift up/down (DQS) EVO 2
DQS EVO 2 with up/down function, developed for the Streetfighter V2, exploits lean angle data to maximise bike stability when shifting gears through the corners. In addition to minimising shift times, DQS EVO 2 allows clutchless down-changes, making hard braking more effective than ever. Extent and duration of system operation are designed to ensure seamless shifting even during extreme track sessions; during down-shifts the system works in combination with the anti-hopping clutch and Engine Brake Control (EBC).

The Engine Brake Control was developed to help riders optimise bike stability under extreme turn-in conditions and does so by balancing the forces applied to the rear tyre under severe engine braking conditions. The Streetfighter V2 EBC EVO system, optimised according to lean angle, monitors the throttle body valve position, selected gear and crankshaft deceleration during aggressive braking and adjusts throttle aperture to balance out the torque forces applied to the tyre.

Riding Modes
Ducati Riding Modes allow riders select among three different pre-set riding options: Wet, Road and Sport which optimise motorcycle behaviour to individual riding styles and different road conditions as well. Each Riding Mode is associated with a different setting of the control parameters. Selecting the different options the user can instantaneously change the engine souls together with the electronic controls.

Wet Riding Mode: Wet Mode was developed to get the most on low-grip surfaces. The rider benefits of the full power of the Superquadro engine (153 hp) including a particularly progressive and manageable delivery. The pre-set level of electronic controls is set to offer maximum safety, intervening in particular on Ducati Traction Control and Ducati Wheelie Control, to ensure excellent grip combined with great stability.

Road Riding Mode: the rider can count on 153 hp and a more responsive engine. The electronic controls are calibrated to better manage the performance of the bike when riding on dry road surfaces. Selecting Road RM the rear wheel lift control during braking is activated and the ABS Cornering EVO function is set to offer maximum cornering performance.

Sport Riding Mode: as the name suggests, this Riding Mode is the most suitable for sporty adventures, both on the road and on the racetrack. This option allows in fact the rider to count on the best performance of the Superquadro, engine, achievable thanks to a Ride by Wire calibration that provides for a instant and crispy response from the engine. The electronic controls are set to be as less aggressive as possible without compromising safety. Level 2 ABS eliminates lift-up control and activates the “slide by brake” function, the controlled drift under braking that allows the biker to safely slide the bike when entering the corner.

Class-leading instrumentation Streetfighter V2 features a 4.3” full-TFT display with particularly intuitive graphics and interface. That’s the reason why results easy to navigate the menu and adjust settings, as well as more immediate identification of the selected Riding Mode. The Riding Mode adjustment interface immediately displays how the settings are being changed, thanks to readable graphics and a graduated scale that says whether the setting is more geared to vehicle performance or stability.

Headlights and indicators
The front light unit features an extremely compact headlight, thanks to the adoption of two bi-function LED modules for low beam and high beam. The Daytime Running Light and the upper thread of the double headlamp give life to a frowning look and also represents the modern hallmark of Ducati sports bikes. At the rear, however, the full-LED headlight is functionally divided into two parts, in line with Ducati sports vehicles tradition. In the event of violent braking, the Ducati Brake Light (DBL) system automatically activates the flashing of the rear light, in order to appropriately signal the condition of abrupt slowdown to the following vehicles, contributing to the active safety of the vehicle. The red double arc of the position light makes the Streetfighter V2 unmistakable, as does its aggressive gaze. Completing the lighting system are the front and rear LED direction indicators.

Ducati Multimedia System (DMS)
The Streetfighter V2 is predisposed for the use of the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), by means of which the rider accepts incoming calls, selects and listens to a song and receives SMS notifications via Bluetooth technology. While hopping on the saddle, the smartphone automatically connects to the bike itself via Bluetooth, thus allowing the biker to manage the main multimedia functions. The track of the song being played, the icon indicating the receipt of new SMS or the name of the caller are displayed on the TFT display. The audio of the call and the music are transmitted to the rider’s helmet earphones. The DMS is available as a Ducati Performance plug and play accessory.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP.
Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP.

The Streetfighter V4 SP has a forecasted price of $48,400 ride away, available in “Winter Test” aluminium and black.

Introducing top-of-the-range Streetfighter V4 SP model, a further precious gem in the Streetfighter universe, offered in a numbered version and marked with the legendary “SP” (which stands for Sport Production) abbreviation. The new Streetfighter V4 SP is the most adrenaline-pumping naked to ever roll its wheels off the production line in Borgo Panigale. This thanks to a special technical equipment that perfectly combines the “Fight Formula” with the “SP” specifications, further improving the power-to-weight ratio of the Streetfighter V4 S, which was already at the top of its category, and making the bike even more effective on the track.

The Streetfighter V4 SP comes with a dedicated livery, premium equipment derived from the Superleggera V4, as well as with a restrained weight: 196 kg in running order (3 kg less compared to the Streetfighter V4 S).

The essential and captivating “Winter Test” livery has been conceived by the Ducati Centro Stile taking inspiration from the Ducati Corse motorcycles ridden in MotoGP and SBK Championships pre-season tests. The Matte Black of the fairings combined with the Matte Carbon finish of rims and wings, superbly contrasts with the bright Red accents and the sparkling brushed aluminum tank. The new born from Borgo Panigale is also enriched with some beautiful details, such as the progressive number printed on the handlebar and the Italian flag colour scheme on the carbon wings.

The Streetfighter V4 SP is equipped with 5 split-spoke carbon rims, 1.4 kg lighter than the forged aluminum ones fitted as standard on the Streetfighter V4 S and capable of reducing the inertia by 26% at the front and 46% at the rear, making the bike significantly more agile and lighter when changing direction. The exclusive Brembo Stylema R® front brake calipers guarantee uncommon braking power, as well as stunning performance even during extended use on track

The new bike is equipped with the Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 with the event-based system that can vary the damping according to the rider’s riding style, and together with biplane wings they increase confidence and ensure the best performance in sporty use. The beating heart is the 1,103 cc Desmosedici Stradale with 208 hp capable of delivering a torque of 123 Nm at 9,500 rpm (Euro 5-compliant).

On the Streetfighter V4 SP the Desmosedici Stradale is fitted with the STM-EVO SBK dry clutch, which guarantees a better anti-hopping function, even in the most aggressive downshifts, and greater fluidity during all “off-throttle” stages, a crucial aspect to be truly effective on the track when pushing to the limit. The equipment of this unique bike is enriched by the adjustable aluminium and CNC machined footpegs, the carbon front mudguard, the lithium-ion battery and a range of accessories suitable for the “track days”, such as the open carbon clutch cover* and the caps for removing the license plate holder.

Thanks to its technical equipment, the Streetfighter V4 SP is the ideal companion for the amateur who wants to rule the track riding a naked bike and get an instant response. Braking capacity results in fact out of the ordinary, the bike is easier to lay into the corner and gets to the apex faster, not to mention the great stability at high speeds. Streetfighter V4 SP • Colour o Winter Test livery in matt black with bright red details and brushed aluminum fuel tank • Main as-standard features o Handlebar embossed with the progressive number of the bike o Brushed aluminum at sight tank o Dedicated seat with “V4 SP” logo o Carbon fibre wings o Carbon fibre front fender o STM-EVO SBK dry clutch o Carbon fibre wheels with 5-split spokes* o Brembo Stylema R front brake callipers* o Brembo MCS 19.21 front brake pump (Multiple Click System) o Adjustable rider footpegs in machined aluminium with carbon heel guards o Single-seat configuration o Lithium-ion battery
Carbon clutch cover open (supplied)
License plate holder removal cover **
** This product is intended for vehicles used only in closed-course circuit. Operation on public roads is prohibited by law

The new Streetfighter V4 SP comes with the minimalistic “Winter Test” livery and Ducati Corse-inspired, those ridden in MotoGP and SBK Championships pre-season tests.

The total black effect derived from the matt black of the fairings and carbon rims superbly contrasts with the brushed aluminum tank, while the bright red accents that mark the tail, tank and front fairing recall the classic Ducati Red. The specific saddle is customised with the “V4 SP” logo while the carbon wings are embellished with the Italian flag colour scheme which also stands out on the Panigale V4 R SBK.

The racing flavour is emphasized by the removal of the license plate holder and the assembly of specific covers to close the holes. These covers are available with the bike.

The Streetfighter V4 SP is powered by the 1,103 cm³ Desmosedici Stradale, compliant with the Euro 5 regulation: 90°-V4 layout engine with Desmodromic distribution MotoGP-derived, featuring rare gems as the counter-rotating crankshaft and “Twin Pulse” firing order. The engine delivers 208 hp at 13,000 rpm and a torque of 123 Nm at 9,500 rpm.

The 90°-V4 layout engine features a 9-disc STM EVO-SBK dry clutch, made of machined aluminum. Compared to the wet clutch of the Streetfighter V4 S, in the extreme use on the track, the dry clutch guarantees a more effective anti-hopping function, even in the most aggressive downshifts, and greater fluidity in all phases of “off-throttle”, as well as the opportunity to customise the “mechanical” engine brake level, by choosing a different secondary spring from those available in the extensive Ducati Performance catalogue. The assembly of the open clutch cover made of carbon fiber, included in the kit, gives the classic metallic sound which appealed to thousands of Ducatisti.

Chassis compartment of the exclusive Streetfighter V4 SP is equipped with state-of-the-art technical contents shared with the Ducati Superleggera V4, such as carbon rims and Brembo Stylema R® front brake callipers.

5 split spokes premium-quality wheels are made of high-strength carbon fibre and feature aluminium hubs screwed to the composite structure. Both allow a weight saving of 1.4 kg compared to the forged aluminium wheels of the Streetfighter V4 S; moreover this figure is further improved with 3.4 kg less. The result? A significant reduction of moment of inertia, which provide for an increased agility and lightness when changing direction.

The braking system consists of two 330 mm diameter Brembo discs at the front combined with new Brembo Stylema® R monobloc callipers, featuring racing-derived pistons equipped with ventilation holes, which improve the stability of the lever stroke even after numerous laps on the racetrack and further reduce the residual torque.

The rider’s footpegs are made of high-quality anodized aluminium alloy which maintains its original appearance. These appealing elements allow the rider to find the position that best suits his riding style. They have carbon fibre heel guards and brake and shift pedals to minimise the risk of breakage in the event of a slip. In addiction, they are also designed to quickly switch between traditional and reverse shifting configurations.

The SP model shares with the Streetfighter V4 S version Öhlins NIX-30 fork, Öhlins TTX36 rear shock absorber and Öhlins steering damper controlled by the second generation Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 system. Unlike the S version, the new machine has the same Panigale V4 springs and hydraulic. The only difference is a fork spring preload reduced from 11mm to 6mm.

The latest-generation electronics package on the Streetfighter V4 SP is based on a 6-axis Inertial Unit (6D IMU – Inertial Measurement Unit) capable to instantaneously detect the bike’s roll, yaw and pitch angle in space.

In addition, the electronics package includes controls to manage all riding phases, from the start, to acceleration and braking, traction, through the corners and out:

• ABS Cornering Bosch EVO
• Ducati Traction Control EVO 2 (DTC EVO 2)
• Ducati Slide Control (DSC)
• Ducati Wheelie Control EVO (DWC EVO)
• Ducati Power Launch (DPL)
• Ducati Quick Shift up/down EVO 2 (DQS EVO 2)
• Engine Brake Control EVO (EBC EVO)
• Ducati Electronic Suspension EVO (DES EVO)

Lastly, the operating parameters of each control are associated by default with the three Riding Modes. Bikers have therefore the opportunity to personalise their riding style or restore the Ducati settings. Any of the control levels, such as DTC, DWC, DSC o EBC, can be quickly adjusted via the left switch cube.

Streetfighter V2.
Streetfighter V4 SP.

Pre-orders are now welcome via our store, phone 0732087999 or fill in this contact form and we’ll get back to you.

Streetfighter V2 we feel will be excellent value for money for a performing street weapon that’s great for the track also.
Streetfighter V4 SP will be only in limited numbers, and demand and orders have already started to come in. It could very well sell out worldwide before production commences.

Due mid-2022 in Australia, pricing is an indication only and is subject to change.